In midst of divorce, Michelle Wu says state is lucky to have David Wu in Congress - The Oregonian

Here's the complete statement, from Portland attorney Daniel Lorenz:

Michelle Reinmiller Wu is aware of recent articles in various press outlets regarding the activities in her separation action involving her husband, Representative David Wu. She would appreciate the press respecting the privacy of the family, and particularly the children, as they address issues of private concern.

Ms. Reinmiller Wu is pleased that she and her husband were able to reach an agreement which has resulted in the signing of a stipulated limited judgment regarding the award of joint custody with respect to the parties’ children. Ms. Reinmiller Wu continues to respect the work of her husband in representing his constituents in the State of Oregon, and believes that the private issues they are addressing will not interfere with his ability to continue to do so. The State of Oregon is lucky to have him in congress.

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