Restraining order experience from both sides

Portland lawyer Daniel C. Lorenz has experience representing clients in establishing or opposing restraining orders and can provide skilled criminal defense services for clients charged with contempt, violation of existing restraining orders and domestic assault.

Whether you are filing a restraining order or seeking to defeat one, we will work with you to find the best solution. contact the Portland law offices of Oregon domestic violence attorney Daniel C. Lorenz today for a consultation and review of your rights and options.

We serve and defend the following:
  • Violation of Oregon stalking laws
  • Violations of the Family Abuse Protection Act (FAPA)
  • Emergency restraining orders

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

If issues related to your divorce or child custody dispute have led to threats of domestic violence, you may need more aggressive assistance that could be provided by the average Oregon divorce lawyer. At the Portland law offices of attorney Daniel C. Lorenz, we have over 30 years experience in addressing issues related to domestic violence while also providing timely and equitable resolutions to divorce and other family law disputes. We have a substantial background in advocacy for crime victims and will bring all our legal skills and resources to bear in order to remove the threat of violence.

The decision to separate or divorce should not force you to live in fear or unnecessarily curtail your rights. If your divorce proceeding or child custody dispute involves domestic violence, Daniel C. Lorenz can provide you with the experienced and compassionate legal service you need, all in one place, with one attorney.