Division of Assets

Daniel C. Lorenz believes that it is necessary for his clients to receive an equitable share of the family assets. Whether you are going through a divorce or have just lost a loved one; property is a point of contention when disputes in the family arise. Know your rights and the law as it effects your unique situation. Contact Daniel C. Lorenz today for a consultation so you may have peace of mind knowing you have your best interests represented.

Who gets the cars? Who gets the house? How should the family business be divided? Has your spouse been hiding assets? These are all important questions that must be explored and answered in the property division portion of a divorce.

Property division in a divorce is often very complex, especially if you are involved in a family business or have several jointly held investments.

Daniel C. Lorenz has extensive knowledge of asset valuation and the tax issues that surround it. He can help with the complex financial calculations involved in determining the present value of, real estate, investments, and a family business. Whether you are well off, or struggling to pay the bills, Mr. Lorenz will represent you and advise you on the law and how it applies to you.