It doesn't matter if you did something wrong

When domestic violence occurs, it tears at the fabric of our very existence. Victims of domestic violence often feel as though they did something wrong, or feel embarrassed and ashamed. What is important to know is that violence is never justified and protection from the perpetrator should be the most immediate concern. There are many resources available to victims of domestic violence. There are also many avenues available to establish yourself apart from the abuser. Daniel C. Lorenz is an expert at Domestic Violence Law and will consult with the confidence and compassion that you as a person deserve. Consultation is personal and confidential as the law applies. Contact Portland domestic violence lawyer Daniel C. Lorenz today, and take new, positive direction for yourself.

Divorce Violence

The decision to separate or divorce should not force you to live in fear or unnecessarily curtail your rights. If your divorce proceeding or child custody dispute involves domestic violence, Daniel C. Lorenz can provide you with the experienced and compassionate legal service you need, all in one place, with one attorney.

If issues related to your divorce or child custody dispute have led to threats of domestic violence, you may need more aggressive assistance than can be provided for by the average Oregon divorce lawyer. At the Portland law offices of attorney Daniel C. Lorenz, we have over 35 years experience in addressing issues related to domestic violence while also providing timely and equitable resolutions to divorce and other family law disputes. We have a substantial background in advocacy for crime victims and will bring all our legal skills and resources to bear in order to remove the threat of violence.