Divorce? There's an app for that!

There are actually hundreds if apps available that will ask you questions and help you decide whether or not to untie the knot.

One app worth mentioning is "The Grass Is Greener" which is quiz-like and makes users think about common divorce questions. Another app, called " Sesame Street: Divorce", gives advice on approaching kids with the dreaded topic of divorce.

There is no app that will take care of the legal process for you, but you may find valuable information to assist you in many different areas of your divorce and deciding to pursue divorce. These apps are not legal advise however, and should not be treated as such.

Some apps will end with referrals to local divorce attorney listings. Please be careful on whom you select to represent you. Just because an attorney has an app for that, doesn't mean they are spending time representing divorce cases. Just as doctors cringe at self-diagnosis through internet searches, attorneys don't recommend going it alone through a complicated divorce.