Children are most important.

The most important aspect of child custody at the end of the day is the child. Whether the mother or father has custody depends on many factors like income, residence, responsible lifestyle, dependability, and much more. Determining which parent gets custody is a process that shouldn’t handled alone. Daniel C. Lorenz has over 30 years of experience with child custody cases in Oregon and will use his experience and knowledge and bring everything to the table that you need to get the best outcome for your child.

Generally speaking, the non-custodial parent in a divorce or non-marital separation is often required to pay Oregon child support to the custodial parent for the child’s living expenses. The amount and duration of the child support obligation will vary widely from family to family, and will depend on circumstances include the gross income of each parent, the potential income of each parent, the cost of health insurance and medical expenses, school expenses, food and general living expenses, and more. When dealing with a child support case in Oregon, Daniel C. Lorenz advises that with so much at stake it is a critical time to have an experienced Portland child support attorney on your side to protect your interests and the interests of your children under Oregon law.

Visitation and Support

The most important issue in any divorce involving children is the care, custody, and control of those children after the divorce is over, and what type of contact the children will have with the parent with whom the children do not primarily reside. Children are society’s greatest future resource, and this is why the person decided upon to have custodial rights to a child are in fact, the best parent for the child. Child custody, if disputed between parents, is possibly the most difficult issue in many divorces. Child support is almost always owed by the person who does not have primary responsibility to the person that does have primary responsibility, but there are exceptions

Most parents in Oregon who have a court order to pay child support also have some visitation rights. However, most parents do not understand what those rights mean, what duties are imposed on them under their custody order, or what rights they really have. Daniel C. Lorenz can explain your rights and advise you about this process, and help you enforce your visitation rights. Call today!!