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  • Experience

    With over 30 years of experience, research, and knowledge of the law, Daniel C. Lorenz is most qualified to represent you.

  • Determination

    The outcome for your case is decided by the brightest judges of our time. Be sure your representation is up to the task to represent your case.

  • Knowledge

    Knowledge of the law, research of past precident, and the ability to deliver tactful arguments in a court of law require years of experience Daniel C. Lorenz brings to your case.

  • Concordance

    Your reputation and your life can change when the pen hits the paper. Be sure the outcome you seek is what your representation achieves for you with Daniel C. Lorenz.

The Law Office of Daniel C. Lorenz

Located in the heart of downtown Portland, Oregon, the law office of Daniel C. Lorenz is walking distance to the federal and county courthouses. Most major buslines are a few steps away along with parking accessible around the corner.

Over 30 years experience

Daniel C. Lorenz is well-known and well respected in the courts of Oregon, Washington, and California for over 30 years now. Daniel earned his degrees from Stanford University in California, and Lewis and Clark in Portland.

Experience + Knowledge = Wisdom in practice

It takes years to know the law, see the law, and express the law to the decision makers and peers whom decide and interpret it. To possess the passion and determination for the pursuit of justice in all things, is what sets Daniel C. Lorenz apart from the rest.


Daniel Lorenz, a humanitarian at heart, supports people and schools through the Lorenz Family Foundation, an organization founded by his parents. He and his wife, annually travel to Guatemala and personally participate in efforts to improve schools and the human condition.

Through donations and time, Mr. Lorenz and the Lorenz Family Foundation have assisted five schools throughout Guatemala and supported numerous projects to assist the improvement of conditions within the country. The foundation and Mr. Lorenz have helped to support schools through scholarships, supplies, books, libraries, musical instruments, computer labs and internet connections.